Group - Rock Star Students Gain Success with International Music Lovers
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Rock Star Students Gain Success with International Music Lovers

A quartet of young musicians who studied at our Broadstairs College are building momentum after attracting a global fanbase online.

The Thanet-grown Alternative Hard-rock band, ‘State of Mind’, have been making waves after releasing their first single titled, ‘Buried Alive’, last year.

Current Level 3 Music student, Sam Ring, along with Broadstairs College alumni, Aimee Allin, Luke McFarlane, and Eevie Taylor, formed the band in 2019, and have since attracted a swathe of bookings, including spots supporting bands such as Nervus, itoldyouiwouldeatyou, and Karobela.

Speaking about the students’ success, Music Lecturer at the College, Alex Bowden, said: “Although the band wasn’t formed in College, we are incredibly proud of what they are achieving.

“It has been great to work with them on developing their skills and it is something we are passionate about in the department.

“If the students have areas, they want to explore that aren’t on the curriculum then we certainly make time for this. It is vital to their creative development and what College is all about.”

Having recently featured on ‘Arts Education Exchange’, a platform for young creatives in Thanet, the band is looking forward to premiering the music video for their latest single, ‘One in the Same’, at the POW! Festival later this year.

To listen to the band’s singles, search ‘State of Mind UK’ on Spotify.

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