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EKC Group supports Safer Internet Day 2020

EKC Group is pledging its support to this year’s Safer Internet Day which aims to keep everyone safe online. Working at a national level, the Safer Internet Centre offers three main services: Awareness, Helpline and Hotline, to ensure that everyone is able to use the internet more safely.

Internet safety is huge subject in today’s world, as greater numbers of people access the World Wide Web on a daily basis. Many of those are students who use the internet for their studies, and also for recreation. EKC Group is committed to giving all of our students the best opportunities to access these new digital environments in the safest way possible, so that they are able to develop the right skills for later on in their lives.

Formed from three internet safety groups (Internet Watch Foundation, South West Grid for Learning and Childnet International), the UK Safer Internet Centre has a growing reach across the United Kingdom, influencing schools and businesses alike. As part of this year’s Safer Internet Day, held on 11 February, EKC Group is registering as a full supporter for the Centre. The centre’s main focus is to tackle sensitive material which has been posted online. However, they also work to raise awareness of the dangers within the World Wide Web.

EKC Group’s Director of Safeguarding and Student Wellbeing, Lauren Anning, said: “EKC Group is supporting Safer Internet Day in 2020 as we want all of our students to feel better prepared to take on the incredible opportunities the internet offers, while confidently navigating the challenges it can present. Giving students the resilience, information and power to tap into the potential of our new and exciting digital environments is a critical step towards ensuring they can achieve their personal goals.”

For more information on how to stay safe online, or on how you can support the UK Safer Internet Centre, head to: