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Students’ Union

As a student at Folkestone College, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union.

The Students’ Union serves to represent you, ensure that your voice is heard, and make sure that your time at college is a positive one!

The Students’ Union has a President, who is assisted by Student Councillors representing four key areas.

  • Minority Groups Officer
  • Adult Student Officer
  • Student Experience Officer
  • Environmental Officer

Students are welcome to run for any of the positions, and they are usually advertised around campus and on social media at the beginning of Term 1.

The council meets at various points throughout the year to raise issues. Students are also able to select Course Representatives within their subject area.


What else does the Students’ Union offer you?

  • A Totum card – say hello to those sweet discounts!

  • Trips and visits to wherever you want to go!

  • Campaigns on issues that affect young people – such as mental health, the environment, and more!

  • The ability to give your thoughts and feelings about things that matter to you.

  • The opportunity to bring change on campus and throughout the college community.