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More than a qualification

At Broadstairs College, we offer vocational and technical qualifications that are fully focused on getting you started on a career.

The Course

All of our courses are accredited by industry-approved awarding bodies. We work with local employers to establish what they are looking for and use awarding bodies that meet the needs of businesses. This means that the qualification on your CV will be what employers in that industry expect to see.

Our courses are very hands-on, and our tutors will get you working on projects that explore different career options within your chosen pathway. They will also give you opportunities to learn soft skills. Soft skills are things like teamwork, presenting, and time management. All these extra skills you learn are vital to being successful in any job or career.

The Experience

Qualifications are vital, but so is experience. One of the key benefits of coming to College is being able to take part in work experience. Regardless of the level, you study on when you start, you will get some interaction with employers and workplaces. It might be through our onsite commercial facilities such as The Yarrow hotel, The Nursery, or our Salon Academy. Or it might be taking part in block work-placements on courses such as Health and Social Care or Supporting Teaching. Whatever the course, you will get plenty of opportunities to put your skills into use in workplace environments.

The Future

So, you have the qualification, the skills, and the experience; but what happens next? Throughout your time at College, we will put on extra activities to help you work towards your own goals and career plans. This might be taking part in workshops on CV building, having mock interviews with employers, attending networking events, or learning how to complete job application forms. Every student has access to our Careers Advice team who can help you map all of these things and turn your experiences and skills into a CV that stands out from the crowd.