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Making an Application

Completing your college application is the first step to your dream career.

If you are applying, you may need to register with our applications portal. This will manage your personal information, applications and interview dates with us and give you control to choose what to apply for, your interview dates and to accept your offers. Visit the pathway you want to study and click apply to get started.

What are pathways?

You will be applying to join a pathway. Pathways are just the same as courses, but under each pathway, you will find different levels to apply for. If you aren't sure of the starting level you need, just click apply on the pathway page. 

Find your pathway

You can use our Explore Your Future tool to find the right pathway based on your interests, skills, or career aspirations. It will give you a range of options based on where you live or where you want to study. Find it on our home page

What do you need to put in your application? 

Are you stuck on what to write in the interests section of our application form? You are not alone. Lots of students struggle to know what to write. We’ve put together some tips to help you write about yourself.

Want to apply for more than one pathway? 

Once you have registered, you can make multiple applications to any of the EKC Group colleges or multiple pathways at Broadstairs. You will need to submit an application each time and book different interviews. You are not limited to how many pathways you apply for but if you need help narrowing down your options our Careers Advice and Guidance team can help. 

Contact us

If you're struggling with any element of your application then you can call our Support Services Team on 01843 605050 or email

Not visited one of our Open Days yet? There is still time to take a look even after you have made an application. By signing up for Open Days you can hear from the tutors, take a virtual look around the College and be on our priority list for future online or in-person events. Find out when the next one is and sign up today.