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Exam Revision Tips

With GCSE exams coming up, we've put together some helpful tips to make sure you have the best chance at success.

Examination Dates

Whether it's a calendar or on your phone, our first tip is to making sure you know when your exams are taking place.

Before Your Exams

Everyone has their own way of learning, but here are some tried and tested suggestions for revising: 

  • Start revising as soon as possible – do little and often
  • Take care of yourself – make sure you’ve had enough sleep and are eating well
  • Make sure you know which topics you need to revise for each subject
  • Put revision aids or posters with key points up around the house – in your bedroom or the bathroom – where you will see them regularly
  • Make your revision active. You could make flash cards, mind maps or use post it notes
  • Draw up a revision timetable that you will be able to stick to
  • Have a goal for each revision session of what you will look at and learn
  • Revise for up to 45 minutes at a time – make sure you have regular breaks of 15 – 20 minutes
  • During your break, reward yourself – either with a snack or social media
  • Start with revising the topics you feel most confident in – it will help you to build up to the harder topics
  • Test yourself with past papers or revise with a friend and test each other
  • Reduce the notes you work from to a single A4 page – look at it a day after you’ve made it, a week later and on the day of the exam

On The Day

Be prepared and give yourself the best chance: 

  • Pack your bag before you go to bed, make sure you have everything you need
  • Try to get a good sleep the night before
  • Eat a filling breakfast and drink water
  • Set an alarm and try to get in early for any revision sessions 


Good Luck!