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Creative jobs to get excited about!

The Creative Industries makes up 2.6 million jobs in the UK, which is 1 in 12 people being employed in this exciting industry.

Concept Artist

Concept Artists work as part of a film or television crew to develop the look of any visual effects (VFX) needed within a production. This might be developing the look of aliens for a blockbuster film or creating other-worldly scenes that would be too costly to build as a set. Concept artists need to be creative, imaginative and artistic. Although many concept artists use 2D drawing and paint to create their concepts, it also helps to be able to produce 3D computer generated images.

Other similar roles

  • Look Development Artist
  • Modelling Artist
  • Environment Artist
  • Animator
  • Computer Graphics Supervisor

Technical Animator

Technical Animators take animation to the next level. As gaming technology evolves, so does the need for more realistic animation and effects. Technical animators ensure that the animation and game design team work together in order to ensure the most realistic game play. Obviously strong artistic and animation skills are essential for this role, as are problem solving and good communication skills.

Other similar roles

  • Animator
  • Games Animator
  • VFX Technician

Rigging Technical Director

Rigging Technical Directors support animators by creating and programming 3D skeletons and structures. These ‘rigs’ are then used by the animation team to create realistic computer generated characters for film, TV or gaming. This job role requires good digital design skills, as well as coding and an understanding of anatomy and physiology in order to create something that will move in a life-like way.

Other similar roles

  • Creature technical director
  • Effects Technical Director
  • Layout Technical Director

UI (User Interface) Designer

UI designers work with systems and software to ensure that a product meets consumer expectations. There are a lot of fields that utilise UI designers, from websites to Virtual Reality. UI Designers take feedback from focus groups and customers to update, developed and make the design more seamless. Most UI designers will work with a team of UX (User Experience) designers and software developers to create a product that matches client and user needs.

Other similar roles

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • App Developer

Social Media Manager

With over 3.5 billion people online and 1 in 3 people having an active social media account, it seems social media is here to stay. Many companies now use social and digital marketing as their main advertising route, increasing the need for dynamic and innovative content. Social Media managers need skills in copywriting, design, video production and photography, as well as a creative approach to advertising. Some social media managers would be supported by a team to help develop creative content, however, having a good understanding of media and content creation will help make you stand out from the crowd.

Other similar roles

  • SEO Manager
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Manager


As mentioned previously, there are around 3.5 billion people online but what is more surprising is that over one third of internet users (so about a billion) access YouTube. This staggering figure is great news for anyone who loves being in front of the camera and has an idea for engaging content.  

Vloggers, or video bloggers, are people who create content to be watched online. Vloggers can cover many things from travel to politics or just day-to-day life. As a vlogger you might work for an established online blog to create video content or set-up your own blog on something you are passionate about and film related video content. Some people just create vlogs or blogs as a hobby, but it is fast becoming a career and can earn big money. The highest earning vlogger? 8-year old Ryan Kaji, creator of Ryan’s World, was YouTube’s highest earner of 2019 raking in $26 million.

Other similar roles

  • Content Creator
  • Multi-media Journalist
  • Marketing Assistant

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