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Application Made Easy

Making an application for anything can be a daunting prospect, from completing the form to what happens once you click submit. We've put together some handy guides to help you tackle your application and make it as painless as possible

How to Apply

Our website has changed this year and so has our application form. Check out our guide on How to Apply. This will tell you how the process works from start to finish, from registering on the Enterprise System to how you are notified about your course interview. 

Setting up an Email Account

We now only take application through our website (doing our bit for the planet) and to apply you will need an email address. It's fine to use a parents or guardians email address if they check it regularly, but an email address is useful to have once you start looking for paid employment. Our Getting Started with Email guide has links to the best free webmail accounts and some top tips for creating an email account. 


Answering Application Questions

Our application helps us get to know you and make sure you're on the best possible course for your future career. The application form will ask you questions to help us build an idea of you before your interview. As writing about yourself can be difficult, we've put together a guide on Creating a Personal Profile to give you some hints and tips on what we are looking for. 


What to expect at interview

Your application is really important but we also interview all our students. It's not as scary as it sounds but to put your mind at rest, our Interview guide can tell you what to expect. 

Hopefully, all of these will make the application process quick and easy, but you can always email us or register for details of our next Open Day to get support with making an application. 

Choose your pathway and make your application.